How to Overcome Diving Panic and Anxiety – Pt II

In Part II of our diving panic and anxiety series, we look at more great ways to overcome your dive nerves. With these top tips you can become a resilient diver and go exploring with confidence. MISSED PART 1? CLICK HERE READ HOW TO OVERCOME DIVE ANXIETY PART 1.

How to overcome diving panic and enjoy your dives more.

1. Try hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy helps you learn new responses, behaviors and feelings in situations that normally cause you anxiety or feelings of panic. It is a great form of therapy that helps prevent diving panic by resolving diver anxiety. It is useful whether you have a fear of putting your face underwater, of breathing underwater, or a general anxious feeling when you dive. If you think you will be nervous, it is a good idea to complete some hypnotherapy sessions before starting your scuba diving course. You will learn to understand your fears, start resolving them and learn relaxation techniques to help manage diving panic.

2. Choose the right instructor.

Choosing the right instructor is crucial for having a positive dive experience and managing any dive fears you may have. By ‘right’, we mean an instructor that you are comfortable with and can talk to freely about your concerns. SSI Professionals are all experienced divers and know what it is like to experience dive anxiety. They will adjust their teaching style to meet your needs and work with you to overcome your fears. Whether you are learning to dive or an experienced diver needing a refresher, working with an instructor is a great way to overcome your fears and prevent diving panic. READ MORE: 10 DIVE LOCATIONS WITH A DIFFERENCE.

3. Get certified in a way that works for you.

There are SSI Training Centers worldwide and different ways you can complete your dive courses, including group and one-on-one training. With SSI, you can choose a learning style that works for you. You can also choose the type of environment you learn in. If being in the ocean brings on anxiety, try learning to dive in a swimming pool or at a destination with calm clear waters. Some people prefer learning in more challenging environments, such as cold quarries, so future diving will be easier by comparison. Either way, the choice is yours. With SSI’s broad range of dive certifications, it is also easy to learn at your own pace and upgrade your certifications when you are ready. All you need to do is complete some additional training. Our flexible training approach gives you time and space to master your fears, so you can become the confident diver you have always wanted to be.

4. Practice acceptance.

Conquering anxiety takes time, effort and also patience. It is important to remember that it may not be an easy path from being anxious to becoming a carefree underwater explorer, especially if you have already experienced diving panic. Setbacks along the way are normal and even the most experienced diver feels anxious at times. Practicing acceptance is the easiest way to keep your stress levels down when anxiety pops up despite your hard work to prevent it. If you have a day when anxiety stops you from diving, just enjoy the chance to reflect, trust you will dive another day, and let your stress go.

5. Learn how to say no.

Some divers like deep thrilling dives, wreck penetration and dark mystical cave diving. Other divers prefer shallow reefs bustling with life and searching for critters in the light. Whatever your dive style and preference, know your limits and do not be afraid to set them. Yes, it can be great to push your boundaries and try new experiences. But it can also be great to build your confidence by doing the diving you love and giving the rest a miss until you feel ready. EXPLORE FEATURED DESTINATIONS IDEAL FOR YOUR DIVE EXPERIENCE LEVEL.