Public Safety Diving Training

Public Safety Divers are trained to provide critical services to the public, including search and rescue/recovery procedures, often in adverse conditions to include zero visibility. A Public Safety Diver is often involved in search, rescue, and recovery missions of water accident victims, assists law enforcement with investigations, and is often employed by local or national emergency services.

The SSI Public Safety Diving programs, including the SSI Public Safety Diver and the SSI Rescue Team Diver, are a new and comprehensive approach to Public Safety Diver training.

These programs utilize SSI’s industry-leading digital learning and education platform to create safe and highly skilled Public Safety Divers. Becoming a Public Safety Diver is vital for involvement in any Public Safety professional team. You will learn key skills on how to offer assistance to emergency services or work as a public safety diver.

What to expect from SSI’s Public Safety Diving programs

To be a Public Safety Diver you must first have excellent diving skills, especially low visibility diving. Diving in low visibility conditions requires confidence in self, team, and equipment, especially when there are hazards present.

To become the ultimate Public Safety Diver, embark on SSI’s two specialized diving programs. The Public Safety Diver certification covers essential skills and open water dives, while the SSI Rescue Team Diver program offers advanced training in response techniques for in-water incidents. Both programs equip divers to serve as key members of public safety dive teams, ensuring effective response and rescue capabilities.

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