Consumer Protection

SSI is dedicated to the quality of our training to provide our divers with the best possible scuba experience. This is and remains our primary goal. In order to protect our divers, SSI feels the need to inform consumers about any Expelled SSI Professionals and the same option to check the status of all current and active SSI Professionals before starting a training program.

Consumers can easily check the Teaching Qualifications and Active Teaching Status of any SSI Professional by simply having him/her show you their Professional credentials (pro-card). For further verification, you can also scan the QR Code on the back of their pro-card and view their current status in MySSI.

Someone who is scanning a SSI Professional QR Code to see if this person has some QMS Issues

List of expelled SSI Professionals

Note: The following list of SSI Professionals have been expelled. These individuals are no longer SSI Professionals and are not authorized to conduct any SSI training courses, nor represent themselves as SSI Professionals.

The SSI Quality Management contains a set of guidelines to ensure SSI’s Quality Assurance that follows a clearly defined set of procedures that includes a report of the facts, getting all perspectives about the complaint and, when necessary, even offers corrective actions including re-training. Expulsion only happens when the SSI Member refuses to answer the complaint, implement the corrective actions, or when the nature of the complaint is so severe that expulsion is necessary to protect public interests or preserve the integrity of the SSI organization.

If you have any questions about an individual listed, please contact the Quality Assurance Department at SSI under