The Best Dads in the Sea

Seahorse is the generalized name given to 45 of the smallest fish species in the Hippocampus genus. Their name is derived from the distinctive, horse-like shape of their head and neck. They spend most of their time anchored by their tails to coral and plants. Each of their eyes can move independently, giving them the ability to watch for predators and search for food simultaneously. These creatures are incredible, mysterious, intriguing animals. They are also very illusive so keep your eyes open and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to dive with seahorses.

The male seahorse is equipped with an egg pocket in which the female seahorse lays up to 1,500 eggs while mating. The male carries the eggs until the young and very small seahorses are expelled into the water by muscle contractions. This happens in a period of 9-45 days, depending on the species. Very often the male seahorse mates again during the season only a few hours or days after the young seahorses are released.