The Seahorse’s Straight Bodied Cousin

Pipefish are considered cousins of the seahorse, being classified in the same family as both seahorses and dragonfish, Syngnathidae. These small fish have many similarities and differences when comparing the two. Like seahorses, they have a long snout and some species also have prehensile tails that allow them to grab onto seagrass and coral. Unlike seahorses, pipefish have straight bodies and can be much stronger swimmers.

They are widely distributed throughout the tropics and temperate zones of the world, being found most abundantly along coastlines in areas that are well sheltered like coral reefs and seagrass beds. If you would like to see these long, skinny, smooth-swimming fish while diving make sure you look for them closely along the ocean floor as they do not grow very big and can be hard to spot. Check out the map below for the best dive sites around the world where they have been sighted and go diving with pipefish today!