Become a Mermaid Instructor

Join one of the SSI mermaid instructor courses today and learn how to share your favorite activity with your friends, family and the world! Mermaid swimming is an exciting new sport that you can teach in open water, on beautiful coral reefs, in lakes and rivers, but also at your local pool. As a professional SSI Mermaid Instructor, you will be able to share your knowledge and teach your students how to enjoy all bodies of water using their mermaid tails.

Start Your Mermaid Instructor Career

If you want to teach how to explore the ocean and its beautiful coral reefs, you can also teach SSI Ocean Mermaid. You will get to enjoy the open waters of the world up to a depth of 5 meters with your students. If your student wants the perfect photo, you can teach them all about looking beautiful underwater and on the surface in the SSI Mermaid Model Course. Become a mermaid instructor with SSI and turn your life into a fairy tale!

Extend your Skills to further your career

Learning never stops! Continue your career by qualifying further in other training categories like Freediving, Swim, Lifeguard and/or Scuba Diving. Additional qualifications will provide you with more diversity and flexibility as well as at the same time opening up new income options. Becoming a Mermaid Instructor is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway.

Explore career opportunities for mermaid professionals worldwide

Stop waiting, start exploring the oceans and live your ultimate dream as a professional mermaid! MyDiveGuide connects you to over 10,000 dive sites and idyllic destinations where SSI Mermaid Instructors have great job opportunities! What are you waiting for? Check out MyDiveGuide, get inspired and turn your mermaid passion into a career with SSI today!