Professional Levels of Recognition

Teach SSI, Continue your Training and qualify for free Recognition – Advanced Open Water Instructor, Divemaster Instructor and Master Instructor

How far do you want to go?

The more you teach and continue your Professional education, the higher the rating. SSI is the only training agency that has a recognition system designed to show the world you are one of the industry’s elite,

Open Water Instructor

Complete Open Water Instructor Course

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Advanced Open Water Instructor

Open Water Instructor, plus 4 individual Specialty Instructor ratings, including Diver Stress & Rescue and issue a total of 15 Specialty and/or Advanced Adventurer certifications

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Divemaster Instructor

Advanced Open Water Instructor, plus Science of Diving Instructor and issue a total of 30 diver certifications in different courses

Master Instructor

Assistant Instructor Trainer, plus a total of 250 logged dives and issue a total of 150 diver certifications in different programs

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SSI Recognition Card - the Recognition Dive Professionals deserve

Experience Points Recognition

When you teach and continue your Professional education, you earn Experience Points. Experience Points are issued for each new Professional rating and certification issued.

Experience Points also equal Pro Rewards – SSI’s Unique Cash Back System.

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