Diving in the Mediterranean

Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the Mediterranean Sea, with a great diversity of fish species due to its nutrient-rich waters. In fact, about 9% of the world’s marine biodiversity is located in this sea. Some of the most well-kept secrets in the Mediterranean Sea include dive sites such as Cabo de Gata in Spain, The Bay of Agay in France, Turtle Island in Greece, Sardinia in Italy and even Blue Cave Oludeniz in Turkey. You will see triggerfish, tuna, grouper, and barracuda. Other popular activities include wreck diving in WWII ships, as well as swimming with wild dolphins, manta rays, and sharks.


The great diving locations in Turkey lie on its western and southern shores in the Aegean Mediterranean Seas respectively.

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Jordan offers many excellent dive sites to choose from, all relatively close together.

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Lebanon offers divers of all levels the perfect place to explore, from shipwrecks, caverns, walls to beautiful artificial reefs.

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Greece makes for an excellent diving location where you can explore waters with incredible visibility, see a whole variety of marine life and discover wrecks.

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A historically rich country in Southeast Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is called “the country of a thousand islands”.

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Diving in Cyprus is well known for amazing underwater topography and numerous historic amphorae.

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Malta consists of Malta, Gozo, and Comino, is known for historical sites and superb diving.

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Italy is a peninsula in southern Europe, famously shaped like a boot that is surrounded by three parts of Mediterranean - offering various dive sites.

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From the cool Atlantic waters of the Bay of Biscay in the north, to the warmer Mediterranean Sea to the south, Spain is perfect for year-round diving.

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Israel offers plenty of great opportunities to go diving in the Red Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Arab Republic of Egypt is a country that sits in the Northeast corner of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea to its north and the Red Sea to its east.

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France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic and offers some interesting diving adventures.

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