Diving in Jordan

Jordan is an Arab nation in the heart of the Middle East. Although it is home to the east bank of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea along its western border, the only scuba diving in Jordan you can find is along its 27-kilometer Red Sea coastline in the extreme southwest. Here you can see wrecks, spectacular coral reefs, and beautiful black coral.

Although Jordan only offers 27 kilometers of coastline, many underwater adventures await. The Red Sea meets this small coastline allowing scuba diving in Jordan to be accessible by shore and boat. There are many excellent dive sites to choose from, all relatively close together. The underwater landscape drops off quickly and offers dive sites in Jordan to suit all diving levels, including technical divers. The country of Jordan is full of natural beauty and historical, biblical, and archaeological sites. Famous top-side areas include the Roman Site at Jerash, the stunning Rose Red City of Petra, and the spectacular Dead Sea.

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