What is the SSI Pro Rewards program?

The Pro Rewards Program is SSI's way of giving back to our professionals. We cannot put a price on effort and loyalty, but we can show our appreciation by rewarding SSI Professionals with real money. SSI Professionals earn Pro Rewards for every certification they issue or new instructor rating they complete.
These rewards for our professionals are earned throughout the calendar year, starting each year on January 1st. Pro Rewards are tracked in real time, and are automatically credited to each professional's MySSI account. 
Pro Rewards can be redeemed at any time during the year to purchase Professional Kits online. You can also automatically apply your Pro Rewards to reduce your Professional Renewal fees. Pro Rewards never expire this way!

Special offer for all new SSI Instructors

The SSI Family is rapidly growing as we continually add new members to our worldwide team of SSI Professionals. We have a special offer for our new members: 

For the first year, new SSI Professionals earn five times the normal Pro Reward rate for each certification. This means that you can quickly earn back your initial investment, simply by continuing to issue SSI certifications and continuing your SSI Professional education. SSI Pro Rewards is the industry’s first cash-back system that rewards you for your performance and loyalty.

Sound good? Join the best world’s best dive professionals and sign up with SSI today!