Environment Specialty Programs

If you are a budding underwater naturalist, join our Ecology specialty programs! They are the perfect way to enhance your dive experience by learning about different marine life, how ocean ecosystems function and how to dive safely with sharks, rays and more. Whatever your passion, we have a specialty for you! Any snorkeler aged 10 upwards can join these SSI Ecology courses, open water sessions are optional, and they can all be completed online - making them perfect for all to enjoy. Start now!

Become an Ecology Specialty diver

In the SSI Shark Ecology specialty, you will learn how to dive safely with sharks and discover why these charismatic animals are often misunderstood. It is perfect for shark fans! Love rays? Join the SSI Manta & Ray Ecology specialty to learn how to identify and dive safely with rays, plus why they are so important for healthy oceans. Delve into the fascinating world of sea turtles with the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology specialty or improve your identification skills with our Coral and Fish Identification specialties. To gain a thorough understanding of the oceans, join the SSI Marine Ecology specialty. You will learn about the exciting science of Marine Ecology and how ocean ecosystems interact.

Shark Ecology

Sharks are vital for healthy oceans and are truly spectacular to dive with! Join the SSI Shark Ecology program and learn how to dive safely with sharks, why their behaviors are misunderstood and more. Start online today!

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Marine Ecology

The SSI Marine Ecology Specialty program is the best way to discover the exciting science of marine ecology and become an underwater naturalist. Enhance your dives in a new way. Earn the SSI Marine Ecology specialty certification now!

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Coral Identification

Discover the wonders of coral reefs with the SSI Coral Identification Specialty program. In this coral dive specialty program, you will learn all that you need to identify common families of coral species and enjoy diving these incredible underwater ecosystems.

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Sea Turtle Ecology

You will learn to identify sea turtles species, discover their history and role in marine ecosystems, and threats to their survival. Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Specialty certification.

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Marine Mammal Ecology

Do you have a passion to save the ocean and the marine animals that call these oceans their home? Does the thought of diving with whales fascinate you? Learn more about the biology and ecology of these fascinating marine mammals in the SSI Marine Mammal Ecology program.

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Manta & Ray Ecology

Diving with mantas and other rays is one of the best dive experiences you will have. Learn how to safely interact with rays and recognize different species with the SSI Manta & Ray Ecology Specialty program.

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Marine Invertebrate Ecology

Unlock the mysterious world of marine invertebrates. From sea stars to squid and everything in between, discover fascinating facts about these unique animals in the SSI Marine Invertebrates specialty program.

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Fish Identification

Learn how to identify fish with the SSI Fish Identification specialty program and enhance your dives! Discover all you need to identify common families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific and Red Sea reef fish and earn your SSI Fish Identification specialty certification.

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Join us on an exciting journey of discovery and learn more about exhilarating diving adventures, dedicated conservation initiatives, and innovative educational opportunities that will help you illuminate the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world. Let's explore the underwater world together and delve into the hidden wonders beneath the gentle waves.

Handpicked destinations for aquatic enthusiasts

MyDiveGuide connects divers by the world´s largest Dive Site Database of more than 10,000+ sites including Wildlife Maps. The featured destinations are ideal for starting to explore the underwater world and are suitable for all age groups. Combine a vacation with your training and create a lifetime experience you can enjoy with your family!


The world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef is the essence of diving in Australia.

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Diving in Mexico is a breathtaking, world-class experience. This country offers many adventures and a landscape full of natural wonders.

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The Sunshine State Florida offers many great and divers dive sites from the tropical Florida Keys to deep shipwrecks and crystal clear freshwater springs.

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The Arab Republic of Egypt is a country that sits in the Northeast corner of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea to its north and the Red Sea to its east.

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Caribbean Sea

World-famous dive destinations such as Aruba, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba, The Guadeloupe Islands and many others are located in the Caribbean Sea.

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