Diving in Florida

When you think of diving in Florida, also known as “The Sunshine State,” the tropical Florida Keys are probably what comes to your mind. However, there are many great and diverse dive sites in this state. Dive among colorful coral reefs abundant with diverse marine species, discover artificial and real deep shipwrecks and swim in crystal clear freshwater springs and intricate cave systems. Marine life in Florida is widely varied. You can expect to see coral reefs abundant with colorful fish, sharks, rays, turtles, manatees, dolphins, and even the occasional whale shark. Be prepared to dive in one of the world’s largest coral reefs in the world, The Great Florida Reef, which is said to be around 7,000 years old. During winter head to the Crystal River Springs, an area well-known for its abundance of manatees. Diving in Florida, you will also be able to explore ancient cave structures rarely seen by men. Some of the most important cave diving spots in “The Sunshine State” include Ginnie Springs, Peacock Springs State Park, Devil’s Den, Manatee Springs State Park, Blue Grotto, and Morrison Springs County Park. Another must-visit place is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, a beautiful undersea park with great biodiversity. Florida is the perfect destination for all kinds of diverse as it offers many different types of adventures.

Dive Sites in Florida

Featured places to go in Florida

Upper Keys

The Upper Keys is an area abundant with world-class diving. The most known dive site in the Upper Keys is Key Largo.

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Lower Keys

The Lower Keys in Florida are a group of small islands and a popular destination that include the world-famous Key West up to the beautiful reefs of Marathon.

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Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a treasure full of amazing dive sites offering artificial and actual shipwrecks such as the Wreck Trek of Miami or the Corridor in Palm Beach.

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Aquatic Life in Florida

Marine life in Florida is one of the most diverse ecosystems you can think of. Diving in Florida you will find reefs covered in different species of hard and soft corals, large barrel sponges, colorful fish such as queen, French, and gray angelfish, numerous different kinds of butterflyfish, parrotfish, trumpetfish, barracuda, and groupers the size of a small car. Be prepared to spot sharks, which are regularly seen off both coasts of Florida including nurse, reef, lemon, bull, and the occasional whale shark. The freshwater springs and cave systems of Florida offer an array of underwater life including the garfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, American eel, and tilapia. You will also encounter larger wildlife like the American alligator, river otters, turtles, and even manatees.