Diving in Lebanon

Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country known by its multiculturality and its moderate climate. Close to the sea, the mountains make a beautiful landscape. The main tourist attractions in the country include the impressive Jeita grotto, the Baalbek temple, and the Cedars forest. Nevertheless, each region has its unique attractions that go from natural landscapes and outdoor activities to famous historical places.

Welcome to the birthplace of Scuba Diving, The Mediterranean. You will find warm waters all year round, with temperatures that go from 15º C (59º F) to 30º C (86º F). Divers of all levels will find the perfect place to explore, from shipwrecks, caverns, walls to beautiful artificial reefs scattered throughout the coast. You won’t have any problems getting to the different dive sites, as most of them are easily accessible by a short boat ride. The active dive centers in the country offer all kinds of diving services from boat rides, tank fills and equipment rental to qualified divers.

Featured Training Centers

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Featured places to go in Lebanon

Beirut is famous among divers for its wide array of marine species and its shipwrecks laying deep in the Mediterranean Sea.

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The bay of Jounieh is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world and offers therefore some great diving opportunities.

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The clear blue waters and good visibility of Byblos-Batroun makes this a preferred and popular place among divers.

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Dive Sites to visit in Lebanon

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