Diving in Beirut

Beirut, the capital city and commercial hub of Lebanon, is the heart of the country. This is a city full of life at day and night: nightlife, cultural venues, restaurants, coffee shops, and more... you will find it all here. Some of the prominent areas to visit in Beirut are the pedestrian Beirut Central District, Hamra Street, Saint Georges Bay, the Corniche, Raouche and Gemmayzeh. You will be able to dive into one of the most beautiful and pristine seas in the world, the Mediterranean Sea. Beirut is famous among divers for its wide array of marine species and its shipwrecks. Scuba diving is best done during July and August when you will be able to see many different species of sharks such as sand sharks and gray sharks. The average temperature during summer is 30°C (86°F), and visibility is high going up to 35 meters deep (114.8 feet). Aquatic sports are prevalent in the region, the most popular being technical diving. Diving is preferred in this region due to the warm waters that can be found all year round. Marine encounters include tuna stingrays, groupers, eagle rays, and nudibranchs. During your explorations you will also see and underwater sculpture and be able to explore caves and swim-throughs.

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