Diving in Jounieh

The bay of Jounieh is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is protected from the currents and the surface winds, so it offers calm waters suitable for boat navigation when conditions are harder on the open sea. The best time to travel to the region is during summer when you will find warm weather that averages 30º C and many different shark species. During winter, you will find rain, lower visibility and conditions that make it harder for diving. Visibility can reach up to 20 meters (65.6 feet) in some areas. The average water temperature reaches 26º C (78.8º F) during summer. Some of the species you can expect to encounter, include different species of sharks, dolphins, rays, eels, groupers, octopus, lionfish, and even turtles and lobsters in certain seasons. The most famous dive site in this region is the Alice B, a shipwreck that is easily reachable by a short boat ride and is covered in algae and filled with diverse marine life. Night diving is also a preferred activity in this region, as well as shark diving, for the divers looking for a more exciting adventure. This is a place filled with history, which will only make your dive more exciting and unique.

Wildlife Encounters in Jounieh

The waters in the bay of Jounieh are relatively calm without any considerable current, which means they are perfect for beginner divers. It is common in this area to encounter stingrays, butterfly rays, and early in the mornings, the boaters can see some friendly dolphins jumping nearby. Groupers, tuna, lionfish, amberjacks and lobsters can also be seen by divers, as well as green sea turtles. The most important dive spot in the region is the Alice B Wreck, which lies at 38 meters deep (124.7 feet) and is more suitable for advanced divers.

Dive Sites to visit in Jounieh