Diving in Israel

Located in the Middle East, on the shores of the Mediterranean in the West, and the Red Sea in the south, you will find the capital city of Jerusalem, Israel. This is also known as the holy city, with a unique historical background. You will discover numerous archeological sites in the area, dating back to biblical times. You can also visit the Dead Sea, the lowest elevation point in the world.

Israel offers plenty of great opportunities to go diving in the Red Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea. Head to the south to dive in the northernmost coral reef on the shores of the Red Sea. You will find some truly unique places to explore, such as a large marine reserve with over 2,500 marine species. Dive into history and swim through the large shipwrecks of the area and encounter friendly dolphins. Along the Mediterranean, you will find a variety of dive sites and activities such as archeological diving, a WWII sunk submarine you can explore, diving with sharks and overall a stunning underwater scenery.

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