Diving in the central Mediterranean Coast

The Center region of the Mediterranean Coast has plenty of dive sites for all levels of experience. His shallow waters and calm currents are perfect for beginner divers. Advanced divers can also find jaw-dropping places to explore, such as significant shipwrecks, underwater archaeology, drop-offs and swim-throughs. Water depth goes up to 50 meters (160 feet) deep in some places. This is a favourite place among photographers, as there is a wide array of marine life that goes from octopus, manta rays and sharks, to small seahorses and different species of fish. One of the favourite activities in the Mediterranean Coast is shark diving, a thrilling experience for the adventurers. Warm water temperatures are expected all year round, going from 16 ºC (60.8 ºF) to 28 ºC (82.4 ºF). Most dive spots are easily accessible and are located only a short ride away from the shore. The hard coral and soft coral formations are spectacular, with many diverse and unique species concentrated in this area. The best months to visit are during summer, especially June and July when you will find the warmest temperatures and whale shark migration. Other species you might encounter include rays, turtles and many different fish species, as well as colourful sponges.

Featured places to go in Central Mediterranean Coast

Dive Sites in Central Mediterranean Coast

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