The Most Well Known of the Seahorses

The common seahorse is just that, the most common type of seahorse sighted around the world. This species goes by many other names such as estuary seahorse, yellow seahorse, and spotted seahorse, and has been referred to as ‘sea pony’ as well. It is native to the Indo-Pacific region and is quite large as far as they go, averaging between 17-30cm long. These fascinating animals come in a variety of colorations from dark and grainy to yellow with blotches, or reddish with small dark specks. They eat a carnivorous diet consisting mainly of small crustaceans and zooplankton.

Although their populations in Indo-Pacific areas like Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and eastern Africa are abundant, they can be difficult to find since they are so perfectly adapted to blend in with their environment. If you want to find them while diving, make sure you go slow, keep your eyes peeled, and look closely along the soft or rocky bottom, as that is their preferred habitat. Check out the map below for the best dive sites where they have been sighted and go diving with the common seahorse today!