Masters of Camouflage

Pygmy seahorses are not only the smallest and cutest of the seahorses, but they are the best at blending in with their environment. You really have to hunt for these masters of disguise as pygmies are some of the smallest seahorse species in the world, with adults averaging only 2 centimeters in length! Every pygmy not only imitates the exact color of the sea fan it is living on, but its body is also covered in calcium-rich bumps called tubercles that mimic the fan’s polyps, completely camouflaging the pygmy. These tiny seahorses are truly an amazing sight to see.

If you’ve dreamed about diving with the pygmy seahorse in its natural habitat you will have narrow your travel options to a very specific dive location, as they are only found in the Coral Triangle area of southeast Asia. These amazing little creatures come in nearly every color of the rainbow and develop their color to match the sea fan they call home. Your best bet to see one of it while diving is to go slow and search as many of the soft corals (also known as gorgonians) as you can for these tiny, illusive animals. Check out the map below to find the best dive sites in the Coral Triangle where you can dive with them.