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The word “Netherlands“ translates to “lower countries” in Dutch, which is appropriate since less than half of the country’s landmass sits more than one meter (three feet) above sea level. In fact, just over 20 per cent of the Netherlands 17.3 million people live below sea level. In addition to its North Sea coastline, thee major European rivers run through the Netherlands as well; the Rhine, the Meuse, and the Scheldt rivers.

When you think of the Netherlands, you probably think of many things such as tulips, cheese, windmills, wooden clogs, or all the fun you can have during a night out on the town in Amsterdam. What you may do not think about, but probably should, is diving. The Netherlands offers some of the best diving locations in Europe with three great diving regions in, Zeeland, the North Sea, and Utrecht. It is a unique diving location that offers the ability to dive in lakes, rivers, and seas and because of the dikes that the Dutch are famous for, the waters are protected from the natural, harsh movement of the sea and offer a one-of-a-kind diving experience.

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You will find a variety of peninsulas and islands that all make up the delta of three key rivers, the Rhine, Schelde and Maas, where they meet the North Sea.

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Diving in the North Sea is for very experienced divers only because of strong currents and low temperatures.

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Utrecht is a region in the center of the Netherlands that has many lakes and rivers that are suitable for diving.

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