Diving in Zeeland

In the southwest of the Netherlands, bordering Belgium and the North Sea lies Zeeland. Here you will find a variety of peninsulas and islands that all make up the delta of three key rivers, the Rhine, Schelde and Maas, where they meet the North Sea. A tidal area filled with the dykes and dams that make the Netherlands so famous, it is teeming with underwater life – in fact it has more life per square meter than many top dive sites around the world. It all creates a thrilling diving opportunity, with advanced divers able to explore depths of up to 40m (131ft), while beginner divers can also find shallower waters to explore where there is no current. It all means that while Zeeland is the least populous of the Netherland’s twelve provinces but also, its best-known diving location. While the population is small, it can double, triple or grow even more during the summer months where the beaches make for a very popular tourist location with holidaymakers as much as the waters are with divers. It is a favorite holiday spot for German tourists in particular. For divers, the two main dive clusters that are worth checking out are Grevelingen and Oosterschelde.

Dive Sites in Zeeland

Featured places to go in Zeeland


Grevelingen is a protected former estuary located on the northeast side of Zeeland and has the distinction of being the largest saltwater lake in all of Europe.

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In Oosterschelde, cuttlefish mating season is the big draw but also famous for many underwater inhabitants of the North Sea such as squid and sea horses.

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Aquatic Life in Zeeland

While you will not see a host of vibrant reef fish like you would in more tropical waters, you will get to see a wide variety of colors in other marine life in the Netherlands with the colorful anemones, ascidians, and sponges in the region. There are plenty of other marine creatures too. You will see fish such as cottids, rock gunnels, Blenny, and flatfish. As well as crustaceans like, prawns, lobsters, squat lobsters. One of the most famous underwater life spectacles in Zeeland comes in the month of May in the Oosterschelde when the cuttlefish come here to breed.