Diving in the North Sea

Diving in the North Sea region from the Netherlands generally takes place from two provinces, North Holland and South Holland. North Holland is the most well-known province of the Netherlands as it is home to Amsterdam, the capital and most populated city. South Holland, however, is the most populated province in the country and is home to the second and third-biggest cities, Rotterdam and the Hague. Diving in the North Sea is for very experienced divers only. Between the currents, the temperatures, the depth and the lack of visibility, it is an incredibly challenging area to dive in. However, for those skilled and adventurous divers who dive here, the reward is a treasure trove of shipwrecks to explore. There is said to be an estimated 10,000 shipwrecks throughout the North Sea and while many of these wrecks are too far off the coast of the Netherlands to be explored from here, there is still a very good section of sunken ships to check out in the area. The wrecks that can be explored in this area are generally at a depth of 30 meters (98ft) or less and when visibility is good, they are a real treat to discover.

Dive Sites in North Sea

Aquatic Life in North Sea

The North Sea offers a wide variety of underwater life with more than 230 species of fish who live there. The most common and abundant fish you will find in this region include mackerel cod, haddock, herring, sole, and sprat. There are also a wide variety of crustaceans with an assortment of lobster, mussel, clam, oyster and shrimp and prawn species. You can also find some larger sea mammals in the area such as seals and harbor porpoises. Of course, when diving the North Sea in the Netherlands, the real draw or divers is less the aquatic life but the shipwrecks that rest among them.