10 Best Freediving Courses For New Freedivers

Learning to freedive is an adventure that takes you beyond your limits into a peaceful blue world. It is a lifestyle choice like no other, with numerous freediving disciplines and skills to learn. But what do you do after you first get certified? Here is our round-up of the 10 best freediving courses to join.

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  1. Freediving Level II

Earning your Freediving Level II certification is the next exciting step to take once you have become a certified freediver. You will learn how to improve your breath-holding techniques, enhance your freediving efficiency and increase your average breath-hold. These are all keys steps in your freediving journey and will help you to start diving deeper and for longer. Once you have finished this freediving course, join the SSI freediving specialties. We have a range of freediving disciplines to choose from and you will get closer to achieving the prestigious SSI Master Freediver rating as you learn.
  1. Monofin

Discover your inner dolphin as you dive! Nature’s best freedivers all have monofins and you can learn to swim like they do by becoming an SSI Monofin freediver. As well as being fun, monofin freediving maximizes your speed underwater, so you can explore further and make the most of every breath-hold moment. It takes practice to use a monofin, but once mastered, you will be moving effortlessly through the water! And if you really love monofin diving, you can become an SSI Mermaid as well.
  1. Training Techniques

Every freediver has different strengths and weaknesses to work on to enhance their performance. Learn all about yours with the SSI Training Techniques freediving course. In this advanced freediving course, you will learn special breath-holding exercises to do at home or in the water and create a personalized training plan to help improve your performance. It is a great way to understand your own freediving style and mindset, so you can develop your skills. You will also be taught the tips and tricks of the pros, ensuring you have all that you need to improve your freediving abilities fast! READ MORE: 5 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR BREATH-HOLD.
  1. Free Immersion

If you love the peace of freediving and want to combine that feeling with diving deeper, join the SSI Free Immersion freediving course. It is one of the best freediving courses to become a calm and confident freediver and go diving up to 40 meters deep. As well as learning how to dive on a line, you will have plenty of opportunities to master your equalization skills and discover the joy of deep diving in complete comfort.
  1. Variable Weight

Ready to go even deeper? The SSI Variable Weight specialty teaches you to dive up to 50 meters deep using a variable weight set up. By removing your weights, you can eliminate stress from your deep dives and be free to focus on setting your freediving records, without compromising your safety. It is not all about going deeper to set records though. This is one of our popular freediving courses to learn the mindset needed for deeper divers and to learn techniques for equalizing at greater depths.
  1. No-fins Freediving

No-fins freediving is the purest form of freediving and gives you utter freedom. Get rid of your equipment, learn what total relaxation feels like, and explore the deep without a care in the world. That is why we love the SSI No-Fins Freediving specialty. Freedom aside, no-fins freediving is the most technical type of freediving and will hone your techniques in new ways. You will also discover the secrets to perfect freediving buoyancy. But let’s face it, the sense of freedom is what you will never forget about this freediving course. DISCOVER THE 10 BEST FREEDIVING SPOTS IN THE WORLD
  1. Freediving Level III

After all those freediving courses, you would think there is nothing left to learn. But learning never ends! If you are ready for the ultimate freediver training, join the SSI Freediving Level III course. This is where you will learn the techniques that freediving world record holders use and turn your greatest freediving goals into reality. Get ready to discover your true potential today!

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  1. React Right

React Right is SSI’s emergency first response course and ensures you have the tools and confidence you need to deal with an emergency. This certification is an essential way to help other freedivers and support your community when it needs your help the most. You can choose which subjects you want to learn about, including primary assessment, first aid, CPR and stabilization techniques, plus oxygen administration and AED basics. By the time you are certified, you will be able to act as a first responder in a medical emergency.
  1. Photo & Video

As you continue your freediving adventures, you will discover mesmerizing new landscapes and reach freediving milestones that deserve to be celebrated. Make sure you capture those moments by getting certified as an SSI Photo & Video diver. Underwater photography has different challenges than on land, but do not let that put you off. Learn how to overcome them and take underwater images and videos safely and easily in this fun course.
  1. Environment Specialties

If you are a marine life fan, join the SSI Environment Specialty courses. They are the perfect way to learn about different species, how ocean ecosystems interact and how to dive safely with sharks, rays and more. Whether you are passionate about corals and fish identification, want to delve into the world of sea turtles, or geek out about marine ecology, we have a specialty for you. You can complete these courses at home, making them perfect additions to your freediving courses. Get started online today. READ MORE: 8 REASONS WHY FREEDIVING IS SO AMAZING