Become a CCR Technical Extended Range Diver with SSI

Are you ready to push your diving that little bit further? This program provides the training you need to independently plan and conduct trimix diluent decompression dives to a maximum depth of 60 meters using a closed-circuit rebreather and a minimum of two bailout cylinders. It builds upon your basic rebreather skills and helps you to develop a problem-solving attitude and approach that facilitates longer decompression dives.

This challenging SSI certification program develops your ability to think about and respond to emergencies as a well-rounded, competent rebreather diver. With safety at the forefront of the SSI training philosophy, this unit-specific program contains in-depth academic topics, such as gas density, to enable safe diving. With training available on either a rEvo, JJ, SF2, AP Inspiration, Prism 2, or Poseidon CCR, this program increases diver safety by only using trimix as the breathing gas to reduce gas density.

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Facts and Training Standards

Amount of Academic Sessions



Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions



Amount of Open Water Sessions



Maximum Training Depth


60 m / 200 ft

Suggested duration (h)




Connecting man and machine

Here are the benefits you can expect from attending this training program:

Visit the range only experienced divers can, see the ocean from a different, deeper perspective

Multiple decompression gases give you flexibility and redundancy

Refine your team work and problem-solving skills

Take your Rebreather Training Further

As a certified CCR Technical Extended Range diver, you will have the most challenging rebreather training within your sights. After gaining experience diving your rebreather, you will be ready to join the elite level of divers making CCR hypoxic trimix dives to depths of 100 meters with the CCR Hypoxic Trimix SSI certification.

You can also expand your rebreather training by taking your rebreather into the overhead environment with SSI’s Cave Diving and Wreck Diving programs. With our range of rebreather programs, there are no limits to your diving ambitions and goals.

More Information

Training Prerequisites

SSI Entry-Level Programs – Open Water Diver, Freediver, or Mermaid require students to complete a water fitness evaluation prior to open water training. The goal of this evaluation is to determine a comfort level baseline consisting of:

Swim Assessment

Survival Float

Technical Requirements

To start training, students must create a MySSI profile. This can either be done via the SSI website at or by installing the MySSI App.

Simply download the app for either iOS or Android, set up the user profile, and access the world of diving in minutes! The MySSI App safely stores everything in one place, online or offline – training materials, logbook, and certification cards. This includes Recreational Scuba, Extended Range, Freediving and Mermaid.

Training Center Selection & Affiliation

Every student must select an SSI Training Center as their “Training Partner” during the course registration process. Affiliation ensures personalized service and a high-quality training experience.

Students can also change affiliation or choose to affiliate with multiple Training Centers in their user profile. When affiliating with a Training Center online or via the MySSI App, a Privacy Policy Agreement will be processed to comply with GDPR regulations.

Medical & Administrative Requirements

Each student or candidate must complete the required SSI Training Record Forms prior to participating in any SSI training program. The forms for minors must be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Responsible Diver Code

SSI Responsible Diver Code - Scuba DivingSSI Responsible Diver Code - FreedivingSSI Responsible Diver Code - Extended Range Diving

Diver Medical Statement & Questionnaire or Physician’s Approval to Dive (where required)

Training Assumption of Risk, Liability Release, & Liability Release, & Hold Harmless Agreement (where required / not applicable within the European Union)

Program-specific Completion Record (done by the Instructor prior to certification)

Training Course Costs

Training consists of various components which are either charged singly or as a package depending on the selected Training Center. The components are:

Training Materials / Digital Kit

Tuition for Academics and In-Water Training

Open Water Training Dives


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