Diving in Cape Verde

Located bellow the Canary Islands, a short 3-4-hour flight from Europe, Cape Verde is a small country made up of 10 volcanic islands. Portuguese is the official language, but most of the people dedicated to tourism service speak English among other languages. Praia located on Santiago, the largest island, is the capital however; Sal is the main flight hub as it is the most developed island for tourism.

A Cape Verde diving adventure awaits just a few hours by flight from Europe. These islands are the closest to the Caribbean in all of Africa, offering similar, warm water conditions but without the crowds. Tourism is still new to these islands, known as the land of “no stress.” Scuba diving here is nothing less than phenomenal. The screaming currents of the Atlantic bring nutrient-rich waters and amazing, large pelagic encounters. Cape Verde marine life is so varied you can encounter beautiful humpback whales and colorful, coral-covered volcanic walls all on a single dive. With long beaches covered in fine sand, crystal clear waters, and friendly, hospitable people, these islands have all the makings of a genuinely exotic dive destination. Explore the uniquely diverse underwater environment of Cape Verde from Sal, São Vicente, Santiago, Boavista, or Santo Antão, which are currently the only islands that have dive centers.

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Dive Sites to visit in Cape Verde

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