Starting coral restoration sooner or when will it be too late...?

Many of us have witnessed with our own eyes the threats coral reefs are facing today: point where spawning synchrony or fertilization steps become added challenges. We want to keep coral populations at a level where those processes are not kicking in. Therefore we need to start restoration sooner.

Q: Does this imply that each reef manager also needs to be an expert in genetic analysis to be able to take care of the reefs?

MM: Hopefully not. If we start soon enough before the population in a certain area or reef is so depleted, it becomes much less crucial to have that fine scale information. In many of the places, for example Curaçao, where SECORE has done so much work, the populations there still are very successful and fertilization rates have been very high for many species. So, it is something to be concerned about but another reason to start restorations efforts sooner, where you don’t have to worry so much about those fine genetic aspects of our population.
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