The Most Energetic Dolphins

Similar to its cousin, the bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphins are very abundant with a healthy wild population and are one of the most widely distributed dolphins in the world. In fact, they can be found in every ocean across the globe, mostly in warm temperate and tropical waters, and is the most abundant dolphin species in the Mediterranean Sea. The Adriatic Sea is home to a large population of this beautifully active animals with over 20,000 individuals. Because this species is so abundant, it has been extensively studied and much is known about it. The unique coloration is similar to that of the common dolphin and since they are often found in large groups alongside the one another, identification of the two can be easily mixed up.

Diving with striped dolphins is a unique opportunity as they are not as inquisitive as their bottlenose cousins and, since they are extremely fast, agile swimmers, chances are they may swim away before you even have the chance to see them. You are more likely, however, to get an exciting show if you ever encounter them top side. Often times they can be found riding the wakes of boats and, being one of the most energetic and athletic of the dolphin species, have been known to jump up to 20 feet above the water’s surface performing their own species-specific maneuver called the “roto-tail” where they whip their tail in a circular motion while leaping out of the water. To see these nimble, rapid swimming mammals in action check out the map below for the best areas where they can be found.