Diving in Greece

Greece is best known for its ancient Greek civilization that is considered the cradle of Western civilization. The ancient Greeks are credited with being the originators of western democracy, philosophy, literature, science and mathematics, and more. They even invented the Olympic games. Today Greece is a modern country with the largest economy in the Balkans and the 57th largest in the world.

A country with 6,000 islands and just 227 inhabited, not to mention the 11th largest coastline in all the world, Greece is lapped by the Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean, and Cretan Seas. So it is safe to say it makes for an excellent diving location, one where you can explore waters with incredible visibility, see a whole variety of marine life and discover haunting wrecks. Then there are the caves and amazing rock formations, ready for adventurous and more advanced divers to explore. Add in a rich ancient culture, beautiful scenery and a great climate and you have all the ingredients for a fascinating dive destination.

Featured Training Centers

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Featured places to go in Greece


Attica is a great place for training dives offering a whole variety of different wrecks.

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Thessaly - Central Greece

Fantastic beaches surrounded by mountainous pine forests litter Thessaly’s northern region. Most scuba diving in Thessaly takes place in the southeastern area.

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Peloponnese is known for the high quality of diving offering incredible shipwrecks, reefs, rock formations and canyons.

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Crete is a popular tourist destination offering an abundance of beautiful marine life including the unique black coral.

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The diving in the Dodecanese islands is incredible where you can play with seals or spot wrecks underwater.

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Diving in Cyclades is amazing offering both ancient and modern wrecks to caves, walls and reefs and some amazing volcanic underwater scenery.

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The Sporades Islands offer some of the best preserved ecosystems in the Mediterranean with crystal clear water, great wrecks and ideal conditions.

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Ionian Islands

Diving the Ionian islands is beautiful known for the clear waters, plenty of marine life, caves reefs and large rocks.

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Northern Greece

Northern Greece offers incredible diving experiences with some marine protected areas and large fish.

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North Aegean Islands

The North Aegean Islands has some of the best dive sites in Greece with natural highlights and wrecks.

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Dive Sites in Greece

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