Diving in Peloponnese

This historic area is connected to the mainland of Greece through the famous Isthmus of Corinth land bridge which divides the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. This area has been home to too many historic events and ruling kingdoms to mention. One of the biggest events here that effects modern life is that it was the site of the very first Olympic Games which were held in 776 BC. Beyond its history, the abundance and quality of diving in the area makes the Peloponnese an enduringly popular destination. There are some incredible shipwrecks such as the Andros Wreck – one of the best in Greece – while the Bay of Navarino is dotted with different wrecks, including three 19th-century Ottoman ships, sunk during the War of Independence. Then there are the incredible reefs, rock formations, and canyons that can be spotted across the region’s different dive sites. Don’t miss the Blue Canyon site, an underwater playground for more advanced divers, while the beautiful Atlas Reef is famous because it can be reached from the shore on a shore dive, which makes it ideal for beginners, and Pilos has ancient wrecks with interesting artefacts to explore, alongside the wonderful sponges and coral as well as fantastic marine life.

Dive Sites in Peloponnese

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Laconia offers the world’s oldest submerged city, Pavlopetri, that is full of archaeological significance.

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Aquatic Life in Peloponnese, West Greece and Ionian Sea

There are literally hundreds of different fish species that you can find swimming through the bright sponge and reef formations. Eels and octopi abound here slithering floating around. This is also a great place to catch a glimpse of tuna or some very large grouper while on deeper water dives. You may even catch a glimpse of something more exciting like a shark in these waters. It is possible to see sharks here April through September with June to August being the most likely times of the year. No matter what you see, the way the light hits the water here makes it great for underwater photography.