Diving in Thessaly

Greece’s Thessaly region is rich in natural beauty and lively culture. Steeped in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Achilles, land of the Centaurs, and home to Mt. Olympus, this region captures every visitor’s imagination. Fantastic beaches surrounded by mountainous pine forests litter Thessaly’s northern region. However, most scuba diving in Thessaly takes place in the southeastern coastal area. Thessaly diving is most prevalent near Alonnisos, an island in the Sporades. Alonnisos is home to fantastic diving full of rich biodiversity thanks to Europe’s largest marine protected area, Alonnisos National Marine Park. The Sporades Islands offer encounters with rare marine life such as the endangered monk seal and four dolphin species. These gorgonian-filled waters offer colorful, rich habitat to hundreds of fish species commonly seen while diving in the Aegean Sea. Mainland diving in Thessaly is accessible from the Pelion region. Volos, the largest city in the Pelion region, is home to most of Thessaly’s northern region dive centers. Greece just recently opened diving to the general public within the last decade. Therefore, since diving is relatively new to this area, many dive sites remain untouched, giving way to pristine dive sites. These waters are teeming with beautiful underwater rock formations and shipwrecks to explore. You will never get bored of scuba diving in Thessaly.

Dive Sites to visit in Thessaly

Wildlife Encounters in Thessaly

The clear waters of the Aegean Sea surrounding Greece’s Thessaly region are richly biodiverse. Thanks to the National Marine Park of Alonissos, Greece’s first marine park and Europe’s largest, a significant portion of this area is protected and, therefore, offers supreme, well-preserved diving conditions. The most exciting marine life in Thessaly is the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. You will also see fish life typical to the Mediterranean Sea, including nudibranchs, dusky groupers, wrasse, moray eels, fan mussels, stonefish, and so much more! Lucky divers will also encounter different dolphin species like the striped, short-beaked common, bottlenose, and Risso’s dolphins.