Diving in Dodecanese

The Dodecanese translates to “twelve islands“ but is actually made up of 15 larger islands and 150 smaller ones. These islands are in the southeastern Aegean Sea and are part of Greece even though they are much closer geographically to the mainland of Turkey. Only 26 of these of these 150 plus islands are inhabited. The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands is Rhodes and Kos and Patmos are the other two well-known islands. These islands are of great historical significance and are home to medieval castles, Byzantine churches, and ancient archaeological sites. They also feature amazing beaches and stunning panoramic views of the sea. The diving in the Dodecanese island is, of course, incredible with Rhodes being the best place to make your home base of any diving excursion. Not only can you find yourself diving with playful seals at the Cave of the Seal, you can also find fantastic wrecks that are quite shallow, which makes this whole area a great spot to learn to dive with plenty of points of interest. There are interesting rock formations, fantastic Aegean marine life and, in deeper waters, the chance to see dolphins. Combine that with the ancient history that is all around and you have a great and varied dive destination for beginners.

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Rhodes offers a variety of different underwater habitats including volcanic rock formations, small and large caverns, historical artifacts and plenty of wrecks.

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