Diving the North Aegean Islands

The North Aegean Islands region does not refer to a specific chain or group of islands or even islands just owned by Greece. It really just denotes a group of islands in the north Aegean Sea closer to the Turkish mainland than to Greece. The larger Greek islands include Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Ikaria and Thasos and the smaller ones include Agios Efstratios, Fourni, Psara, and Inousses. Across these islands the diving is so varied, from dramatic sea walls to caverns and wrecks, and locals still haven’t tapped the region’s full diver potential. Samos and Chios offer the most interesting diving clusters while Lesvos may have the most. Chios is famed as a destination for some of the best dives in Greece, there is real mix of natural highlights and wrecks – head to the aptly-named Great Wall for the best introduction to the area. For its part Lesvos is still not completely discovered as a dive destination as has some great dive sites that can be reached from the shores, while Thassos has several well-known dive sites and Palios is surrounded by wonderful reefs. The islands are quite far away from each other though, so plan your trip carefully as you won’t be able to dive them all.

Featured places to go in North Aegean Islands

There are more than 20 unique dive sites around the island of Samos which range in depth from 10 to 25 meters.

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Chios is a hidden gem and a top-rated diving area, from shipwrecks to caverns to impressive sea walls.

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Aquatic Life in North Aegean Islands

While the underwater life will differ slightly depending on what island waters you are exploring, you will see many of the same types of creatures in each location. No matter where you go in the North Aegean Islands region you are almost assured to see species such as wrasses, perches and tuna galore. There is also a chance to see larger creatures like swordfish or maybe even the rare sperm whale if you travel far enough away from land. This is also a great spot to see turtles if the time of year is right.

Dive Sites in North Aegean Islands