Cyprus Hosts its First Ever SSI Lifeguard Instructor Course

From November 1st to November 9th, Cyprus hosted the first official SSI Lifeguard Instructor course in the country! The success of this SSI Lifeguard Instructor course in Cyprus was a milestone that showcased the importance of collaboration and our shared commitment to making waters safer. Read on to find out more.

The journey begins – The first SSI Lifeguard Instructor course

The journey began when the owner of F. Guardians Lifeguard Services Ltd in Larnaca expressed a desire to become an SSI Lifeguard Center. After several meetings and discussions, a plan unfolded, and the course took shape with the guidance of SSI Lifeguard Instructor Trainer Jürgen Hinsen from Malta.

The collaboration was initiated last June, and through a series of in-person and online meetings, a viable solution was found. The owner of F. Guardians Lifeguard Services Ltd was now on a determined path. 

Eleven participants enrolled in the course, each investing a considerable amount of time and energy, showcasing their commitment to lifeguarding excellence.

Jürgen Hinsen, a proficient SSI Lifeguard Instructor Trainer and owner of Octopus Garden Diving Center in Malta, led the course with professionalism and enthusiasm. His background as an active paramedic and experience in the German Firefighter Department and DLRG added depth to the training.

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Becoming an SSI Lifeguard School

The impact of this course extends beyond Cyprus. The newly established SSI Lifeguard School, now with 11 certified instructors, promises to spread awareness of SSI’s name across the island. 

Jürgen Hinsen’s story is more than that of an Instructor Trainer; it reflects the core values of SSI and is a potential catalyst for lifeguarding development in other regions.

This story exemplifies how working together and strategic alliances in our industry can lead to the organic growth of markets and regions. It is grounded in reality and demonstrates the tangible impact of SSI’s lifeguarding initiatives.

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