6 Romantic Dive Locations for Valentine’s Day

Forget about the classic cinema date and set menu this Valentine’s Day and consider doing something a bit more adventurous. A diving getaway is the perfect romantic retreat, discovering underwater wonders in some of the world’s most intimate and beautiful locations. Enjoy fine dining, secluded oases, and world class diving, all while creating incredible memories that you and your partner can look back on for years to come. 

Here are our top six romantic dive locations for Valentine’s Day.

1.Santorini, Greece

This volcanic island has breathtaking views and is punctuated by beautiful white architecture making it one of the most picturesque romantic destinations. Whilst there is plenty to take in on land couples can discover another side to the island under the water. Santorini offers wreck dives, reefs, unique rock formations, and solidified lava flows. 

Waters are calm making diving a relaxing addition to a romantic getaway with the opportunity to spot tuna, lobsters, swordfish and dolphins. Temperatures range from 66°F/19°C to 78°F/26°C and visibility can reach 30m/100ft. Santorini has dives sites which cater to all diving abilities from shallow rock beaches to deep wreck dives. 

Wind down from a day of diving by enjoying a movie under the stars at the Kamari open air cinema or dining at one of Santorini’s top restaurants, taking in sea views whilst indulging in the best Greek cuisine and local wine. 

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2. Savusavu, Fiji

When it comes to romantic trips Fiji has you covered. The island boasts some of the highest rated resorts and beaches in the world offering every possible couple’s excursion from adventure water spots to relaxing spas with couple massages. Amongst these activities is beautiful diving in the Pacific Ocean

The town of Savusavu on Vanua Levu Island has some of the best diving in Fiji. Namena marine reserve offers a plethora of drift dives where advanced divers can spot hammerhead sharks, dog tooth tuna and manta rays. Koro Sun Barrier Reef has dives for all abilities including exploring caverns and caves, swimming with turtle species and taking in the colorful soft corals. 

Diving is accessible year round with water temperatures ranging from 75°F/24°C to 86°F/30°C and for days when you don’t want to venture into the ocean you can hike to secluded waterfalls or simply enjoy a catered picnic on a private beach. 

3. Nassau, The Bahamas

Wherever you visit the Bahamas you can find the perfect vacation for any couple. Nassau offers an energetic romantic destination with world class diving. Immerse yourself in Bahamian culture wandering through colorful streets, tasting local cuisine and native rum, discovering the history of the region and its vibrant art. 

In between soaking up the culture you and your partners can take to the water choosing from Nassau expansive dive sites. Share a once in a lifetime experience diving with Caribbean reef sharks at Runaway’s Wall. Deep dive and experience cinematic history at the James Bond Wrecks, featured in several of the Bond films, these wrecks are now home to lionfish, angelfish, eagle rays, and more. 

As visible from the surface, water surrounding the Bahamas is pristine and clear with visibility up to 40m/150ft and average temperatures of 80°F/26°C. Diving is possible year round with sites suitable for all abilities. Nassau has everything on offer for sightseeing couples with the option to spend days off relaxing on the beaches or taking day trips to more remote islands. 

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4. The Maldives

True tranquility can be found in the Maldives, it is the ultimate location for couples who want some alone time with serene white sand beaches and clear water. The islands offer unique accommodation that gives you direct access to the ocean whether it is overwater bungalows, submerged aquarium rooms or luxury liveaboards. 

Show your soulmate the experience of the lifetime with a 5 star luxury yacht liveaboard adventure. Purpose built vessels will allow you to make the most of incredible dive sites in the maldives. Dive in awe of Kandooma Thila, an underwater island thriving with schools of trevally and red bass, divers could spend days exploring its surface and discovering hidden caves. There is also the aptly named rainbow reef blossoming with colorful soft coral and various species of reef wildlife. 

The pristine tropical waters stay warm throughout the year ranging from 80°F/26°C to 86°F/30°C and there are sites suitable from beginner to advanced. When you’re not basking in the underwater seascapes then you can enjoy a secluded sunset dinner for two or toast to cupid in the onboard bar. 

5. St. Lucia, Caribbean

The tiny island of St.Lucia has long attracted besotted couples looking for a secluded vacation. St.Lucia is a country but it takes only two hours to drive around the whole island making it an ideal spot to explore both the volcanic landscape and wondrous underwater paradise. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to dive the island as water reaches its highest temperature up to 82°F/28°C in early February. The island is full of dive shops who are happy to offer private excursions and take some timeless snaps as you dive, you can also advise what species you are most keen to see for a tailored dive. There are wrecks, reefs and wall dives to explore with dive spots suitable for any ability. 

Marine life commonly found in these waters include trumpetfish, golden-spotted eels, stingrays and frogfish. Depending on when and where you dive you will also be in for a chance of seeing turtles, sharks or seahorses. Taking in the stunning scenery whether diving or looking out from your private infinity pool is all part of getting lost in the wistful romance of St.Lucia.

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6. The Wakatobi Islands, Indonesia

Divers often flock to Indonesia for its mass quantities of different species, for those with a passion for marine life and looking for some time away with that special someone the Wakatobi Islands tick all the boxes. The secluded islands offer five star resorts for you and your love to reconnect in tropical island surroundings. 

Pristine reefs offer the opportunity of a lifetime to see thousands of species from centenarian sea sponges to macro critters such as ghost pipefish, octopuses, pygmy seahorses, and lots of colorful nudibranchs. It is possible to dive year round with relaxing reef dives at Coral Garden for beginners and fun exploration of ledges, walls and overhangs at Cornucopia to challenge advanced dives. Wakatobi has excellent visibility up to 30m/100ft and temperatures peak at 86°F/30°C.

The islands are active in protecting their biodiverse waters and picturesque beaches meaning you can enjoy strolling along white sands hand in hand as the sun sets. Enjoy fine dining or participate in a cooking class with your partner. The Wakatobi islands are a hidden gem for diving and relaxation. 

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Which romantic spot will you take your forever-dive buddy to?