The Fruit of the Sea

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood choices on the planet; however, they are also just as fun to see in their natural habitat. There are nearly as many types of shrimp as there are ways to cook them, with approximately 2,000 different species. Part of the crustacean family, these relatives of crabs and lobsters are identifiable by their semi-transparent bodies, flexible abdomen, and fanlike tail used to swim backward.

Shrimp can vary in size from 4-8 cm (1.5-3 in) on average, and the larger species are often referred to as prawns. You can find shrimp roaming reefs and the seafloor along coasts and in estuaries around the world. Most shrimp species are marine; however, about a quarter of them live in freshwater. To see where you can go diving with shrimp, explore the dive site map below.