Diving in the Solomon Islands

992 tropical islands scatter in a slight curve over 1800 kilometers in the South Pacific to make up the Solomon Islands archipelago. Sitting between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, this island nation is made up of 550,000 Melanesians but includes other smaller cultural groups. The Solomon Islanders have a deep history and still closely follow many of their exotic customs and traditions. Due to the islands’ remoteness, tourism has not heavily impacted this area, offering adventurous divers remarkable biodiversity and pristine diving in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands are a unique archipelago made up of hundreds of islands sitting amidst the South Pacific’s warm, clear waters. Located in the middle of the Coral Triangle, where marine life abounds, diving in the Solomon Islands is some of the best in the world. This area is so pristine, it has been nominated as one of Oceania’s seven natural wonders and is justly nicknamed the ’Amazon of the Ocean’ due to its extreme coral diversity and abundant marine life. The best dive sites in the Solomon Islands include many historical aircraft, shipwrecks, and submarines. In fact, these islands have one of the highest WWII wreck concentrations in the Pacific. Diving via liveaboard is one of the best ways to see all that Solomon Islands diving has to offer.

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Featured places to go in Solomon Islands

Western Solomon Islands

The Western Province of the Solomon Islands offers some fantastic WWII historical dive sites

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Eastern Solomon Islands

You can find the best wreck diving in the Eastern Solomon Islands.

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Dive Sites to visit in Solomon Islands

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