Diving in Marovo Lagoon

Sitting in the middle of the New Georgia Islands is a spectacular natural phenomenon, the Marovo Lagoon - the world’s largest saltwater lagoon. Scattered throughout the crystal-clear lagoon are many tiny islands, mostly uninhabited and totally unspoiled. Uepi Island sits on the north side of the lagoon, a sliver of sand and tropical jungle lined with colorful coral drop-offs. Diving around Upei Island offers visibility over 30 meters. Tidal currents interchange to and from Marovo Lagoon through a dive site called The Slot. This deepwater passage is a prime habitat for a vast population of reef fish, corals, and pelagic life. Other famous dive sites include Male Male, Mbulo, and Kicha islands, Uepi Point, Uepi Point Drift, Uepi Welcome Jetty, Shark Uepi Point, and awesome macro sites near Turupu island.

Dive Sites to visit in Marovo Lagoon

Wildlife Encounters in Marovo Lagoon