Diving the Eastern Solomon Islands

The Eastern Solomon Islands is home to Guadalcanal Province and the nation’s capital city, Honiara, where much of the country’s population lives. Guadalcanal’s tumultuous past is evident in the many battle sites, museums, war memorials, and wreckage scattered throughout the jungle-covered island and its surrounding crystal-clear waters. The Eastern Solomon Islands played a significant role in WWII. Some of the bloodiest battles occurred on the land, air, and sea around Guadalcanal Island, giving these waters the nickname Iron Bottom Sound due to the hundreds of wrecks laid to rest just off Guadalcanal’s coast. You can find the best wreck diving in the Solomon Islands here in the Eastern Province. Many sites are famous for their depth and technicality; however, there are plenty of wreck diving sites for recreational divers to enjoy as well. Some of these sites sit just a few feet from the beach and can be conducted as easy shore dives like B7 bombers, a massive submarine, and many Japanese transports. Some of the best dive sites in Solomon Islands sit right off Honiara’s coast and include the I-1 Submarine, USS Serpens, USS Atlanta, USS John Penn, Sasako Maru, Azumasan Maru, Kyusyu Maru, Kinugawa Maru (also known as the Bonegi 2) and the Hirokawa Maru (also known as Bonegi 1).

Dive Sites to visit in Eastern Solomon Islands

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Central Province

Central Province offers unforgettable wreck diving alongside many pristine coral reefs, deep wall drop-offs, and thrilling drift dives.

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Wildlife Encounters in Eastern Solomon Islands

With its unspoiled and undiscovered reefs, the Solomon Islands marine life will be sure to amaze even the most seasoned diver. The caverns, walls, wrecks, pinnacles, and coral gardens of the Eastern Provinces provide habitat to many macro critters like nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, shrimp, blennies, pipefish, and spiny lobsters. The variety of fish you will see while scuba diving in the Solomon Islands is astounding, with over 500 hard and soft coral species providing homes to nearly 1000 fish species. More thrilling marine life encounters include hammerheads, reef sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, and occasional dolphin sightings.