Diving in Malindi

Located on the central coast of Kenya, Malindi boasts shorelines of beautiful sandy beaches and offshore corals. These reefs form three bays full of marine life: Watamu Bay, Turtle Bay, and Blue Lagoon. Another biologically diverse area is Mida Creek, a significant mangrove habitat characterized by dramatic currents, 6km long corals, and fantastic birdlife. The Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve protects the majority of this unique habitat, making it one of the world’s best-preserved underwater reserves. The Watamu Bay area is home to most of the dive centers that offer diving in Watamu National Park. Most Malindi diving offers daily two-tank dive trips, night dives, and wreck diving adventures. Also popular in this region is cave diving in the Vuma Caves, one of the most exciting scuba diving adventures you can experience. Both beginners and expert divers will be amazed by the magnificent underwater treasures of the Malindi coast. Most dive centers are located inside of the hotels, with dive boats usually departing directly from the beach. It typically takes 20-30 minutes to reach the best Malindi dive sites.

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Watamu provides amazing dive opportunities for both novice and more experienced scuba divers where you can encounter an anbundance of marine life.

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Wildlife Encounters in Malindi

Affectionately called “Heaven of the Green Turtle,“ Watamu National Park protects most of the Kenya marine life found within the Watamu National Marine Park. This area of Kenya’s coast is an important breeding ground for both green and hawksbill sea turtles. Divers may also encounter loggerhead and leatherback turtles. Diving Watamu National Marine Park allows underwater enthusiasts a glimpse into the Indian Ocean’s diverse aquatic ecosystem with over 150 species of hard and soft corals, and over 600 fish species such as grouper, damselfish, lionfish, octopus, parrotfish, moray eels, and more. The park is part of a larger group of protected areas, including Malindi Marine National Park, the mangrove forests of Mida Creek, and the surrounding ocean. A great variety of seasonal marine life like manta rays, whale sharks, whales, and dolphins also live here.

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