The SSI Pro Family Is Growing. Join us!

Big shoutout and a round of applause to the latest additions to the SSI pro family! Are you ready to join our SSI family? Read on to find out why this could be the opportunity for you. The recent Instructor Evaluations in Turkey, the Maldives and Hong Kong were completed by all participants. We send our congratulations to the new instructors, the Instructor Trainers and Instructor Certifiers for all their hard work - welcome to the SSI family!

Do you want to join the SSI Pro family?

If you want to share your passion for diving, enjoy worldwide job opportunities and live your dream, becoming an SSI Professional could be just what you need. Being a part of the SSI pro family gives you unparalleled access to responsive, world-class customer service and a seemingly endless list of programs and benefits. We are dedicated to supporting you and your customers, so you can create the career of your dreams. Follow your passion to create a personal career that suits you! With our wide variety of programs, there is no limit to your ambitions. BECOME AN SSI PROFESSIONAL AND JOIN OUR GLOBAL NETWORK TODAY.

5 great reasons to become an SSI Instructor.

1. Be supported by the largest business-based training agency in the world.

With over 3,500 SSI Training Centers around the world, SSI has become the largest business-based training agency worldwide. For more than 50 years, we have helped our dive professionals by providing high-quality materials, business and marketing solutions that grow your income. With over 30 service centers worldwide and represented in more than 110 countries, SSI provides the best possible service for you. We are the name to trust in the diving world. It is thanks to our unwavering commitment to the SSI family and our broad range of programs, that more people are choosing to begin their dive professional careers with SSI. EXPLORE THE WORLD’S BEST DIVE SITES WITH MYDIVEGUIDE.

2. Grow your career with the most comprehensive tool for divers today, MySSI.

The MySSI app is an essential and innovative tool that supports your SSI pro career in many ways. It simplifies your life and sets a new standard in learning. MySSI is personalized to your needs and provides access to your digital logbook and all your digital training materials in every language available. With its range of advanced features, MySSI is your one-stop shop for everything related to scuba, freediving, Extended Range and mermaiding. Want to learn on a far-flung beach with the sun shining overhead? No problem! Unlimited digital access to MySSI 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, means you can learn anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether you choose to learn online or use the free MySSI app, you can complete your digital learning materials on any device at no cost. And with all improvements taking place automatically, you will also save time and money by using MySSI. DOWNLOAD THE MYSSI APP TO FIND THE NEXT PRO PROGRAM DATES NEAR YOU.

3. Advertise to a global audience and fill your training events with ease.

With MySSI, you can reach a global customer base and grow your career as an SSI pro wherever you are in the world. This is your best and most direct advertising tool and will help you grow your dive professional career:
  • The dive center locator tool on MySSI helps customers from around the world find you quickly.
  • You can interact online with your customers, verify your student dive logs and more.
  • You can share your training and event dates globally to fill your SSI training programs with ease.

4. Teach what you love with more than 70 SSI programs!

With more than 70 digital programs in more than 40 languages, SSI offers you endless opportunities to earn an income from the programs that you want to teach. From recreational scuba to Extended Range, freediving and mermaiding, to even swim and lifeguard training, we have numerous programs to meet your SSI pro goals. With so many programs to choose from, you can follow your passions and create a flexible career that meets your needs and fits your schedule. By teaching a range of SSI programs, your resumé will be attractive to SSI dive centers and potential students alike. Whether you start your own business or work for an SSI Center, you can build a resilient career with diverse income streams. All of which means you can turn your SSI pro dreams into reality! And with new programs being developed all the time, you need never get bored again. READ MORE: 'TRY SCR' REBREATHER TRAINING – DO SOMETHING NEW!

5. Benefit from SSI’s cashback system – SSI Pro rewards.

The SSI Pro Rewards program program is our way of giving back to the SSI family and rewarding your hard work with real money. Your performance and loyalty are rewarded with Pro Rewards for each certification you issue or earn. These rewards can be redeemed at any time during the year to purchase professional kits online. You can also use them to reduce your professional renewal fees.

So, what are you waiting for? Become an SSI Pro today!

There are various ways to become an SSI pro. Check out the variety of training options in our disciplines and choose your pathway:

Do you belong to another dive agency? It is easy to become an SSI professional.

Simply download the MySSI app, create your free account, and use our step-by-step crossover tool.

Are you looking for your dream job with SSI?

Check out our endless career opportunities in the SSI job database and apply for the job of your dreams. As we are constantly growing, we will have plenty of career opportunities for you. BROWSE WORLDWIDE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SSI PROFESSIONALS. We are SSI pros SSI instructors New SSI pros SSI professionals SSI dive professionals