'Try SCR' Rebreather Training - Do Something New!

Discover the silence and freedom of rebreather diving without committing to a long course. Join SSI's new and exclusive Try SCR rebreather training program.  This SCR program allows certified divers to try rebreather diving using a Mares Horizon SCR and is the perfect way to dip your toes into rebreather diving and find out if it is for you.

Enter the silent world with SSI's Try SCR program.

Are you ready to try rebreather diving but unsure where to start? The Try SCR program could be just what you need. This Try SCR program is exclusive to SSI and provides an introductory SCR rebreather training experience in a pool/confined water environment with a Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather. You will be supervised by an SCR Rebreather Diving Instructor throughout this program and there is an optional open water dive as well, meaning you can try rebreather diving with ease. CLICK HERE FOR MORE TRY SCR PROGRAM INFORMATION.

Why choose the Mares Horizon SCR?

The decades of expertise behind Mares and rEvo rebreathers have combined to create a unique semi-closed rebreather (SCR) like no other, the Mares Horizon SCR. This revolutionary SCR rebreather is easy to use, natural to dive with, and designed with all levels of diver in mind. It has been developed to provide the utmost in dive security and it is an ideal SCR system to use during your rebreather training and beyond. Here is why:

9 great reasons to join the Try SCR rebreather training program.

1. Enjoy extended dive times.

The Mares Horizon SCR offers incredibly extended dive times compared to open-circuit dives, giving the diver more time to take in the wonderful underwater environment.

2. Learn with a lightweight SCR system ideal for travel.

This lightweight system is the ideal travel companion and does not require dedicated cylinders or weights. The unit’s simple logistics allow you to use standard nitrox cylinders that are easily obtained from most dive destinations. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE MARES HORIZON SCR.

3. Build on your open-circuit knowledge step by step.

The Mares Horizon SCR diving training builds on your foundation of open-circuit and nitrox diving knowledge, so you can become a confident SCR diver and at a pace that works for you. The Horizon SCR controller also intuitively maintains an ideal nitrox mix, depending on your preferences.

4. Get closer to marine life than ever before.

Why do we love the Try SCR rebreather training program? Because it is the start of your journey to get closer to marine life than ever before! We all know that fewer bubbles equal more close-up action and epic dives.

5. Ditch the heavy gear and improve your trim.

The Mares Horizon SCR has an ergonomic design that intuitively improves your trim position and comfort in the water. Added to that, it provides warm and moist breathing gas, so you can get comfortable on every dive and discover the freedom of movement that rebreather diving brings. READ MORE: TOP 10 RED SEA DIVE SITES FOR XR DIVERS.

6. Maximize your dive safety.

The Mares Horizon SCR uses multiple backup safety systems and three sets of redundant electronics and power supplies. You can rest assured that this SCR system maximizes your dive safety whilst also offering exceptional performance.

7. No tools? No drama with the easy-to-use Mares Horizon.

One of the key attractions of the Mares Horizon SCR is how easy it is to use. It is simple to set up, requires no tools and has easy access to the scrubber canisters for filling, making it easy for rebreather training. It also has a non-interchangeable, color-coded, quick release corrugated breathing hose.

8. Discover a wealth of rebreather diving possibilities.

For the more advanced diver, the Mares Horizon SCR offers a range of additional rebreather diving advantages. As well as longer dive duration, you have dual gas possibilities – with the option of attaching a second cylinder with a higher oxygen concentration for accelerated decompression. READ MORE: WHAT IS XR DIVING? THE REAL STORY.

9. Dive with confidence using an Intelligent Integrated Controller.

An integrated controller completes the Horizon, with a 2.8", easy-to-read color display and optional wireless gas integration. The Mares Horizon’s computer is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. It includes a scrubber monitor system that keeps you informed of your scrubber status at all times and an audible warning alarm. Rebreather diving could not be more intuitive and secure than with the Mares Horizon SCR. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL SSI TRAINING CENTER FOR THE TRY SCR PROGRAM AVAILABILITY. SSI rebreather diving program underway in a pool.