What is SSI XR Diving? The Real Story.

SSI XR training programs offer an exciting pathway for all divers to extend their range of skills and knowledge and explore further than ever before. SSI XR diving is not a sport for daredevils. Instead, it is a respected, well-managed, and safe range of programs that you can participate in with your friends and family. Becoming an XR diver or an XR Instructor is one of the best ways to hone your dive skills, explore dive sites few others reach, and develop your SSI Professional career in exciting new ways.

What is XR diving?

People who enjoy active outdoor activities or extreme sports are often drawn to the more challenging disciplines of diving, such as decompression diving, rebreather diving, mixed gas diving, or diving in an overhead environment. Any diving activities beyond the no-decompression limit, in an overhead environment, or with an alternative equipment configuration (such as a closed-circuit rebreather or a semi-closed rebreather) is what we call "Extended Range" diving - more commonly abbreviated to 'XR'.

What types of SSI XR diving are there?

Any diving activity that is either beyond the no-decompression limit, in an overhead environment, or with an alternative form of diving equipment is XR diving. SSI is very proud to offer all of these activities under the SSI XR flag! It takes years of dedication, commitment, passion, and team knowledge for a training agency to be able to successfully provide training programs for all of these activities and that is exactly what SSI has achieved! EXPLORE FURTHER - BECOME AN SSI EXTENDED RANGE DIVER TODAY.

The following SSI XR programs are available:

1. Open-circuit.

These programs allow you to become a confident tec diver at a pace that works for you. You can get certified to dive beyond recreational limits from 40 to 100 meters deep, depending on which courses you complete. The SSI Extended Range program is the core program that all other open-circuit XR programs are built upon and is a great place to start.

2. Closed-circuit rebreather (CCR).

Do you long to explore the ocean in complete silence? SSI’s range of CCR programs is ideal for new and experienced CCR divers alike and gives you the opportunity to truly delve into the world of CCR diving.

3. Semi-closed rebreather (SCR).

With our SCR programs, you can learn how to go no-decompression diving or decompression diving using a semi-closed rebreather. These courses are a great way to sharpen your in-water skills and strengthen your diving teamwork. READ MORE: EXPLORE THESE 9 REMOTE DIVE SPOTS.

4. Wreck Diving.

The SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving programs provide all you need to conduct wreck penetration dives using specialized wreck diving equipment, gas management concepts, and buddy team skills. You can personalize these programs by completing them in twin tank or sidemount configurations or using a rebreather unit.

5. Cave Diving.

Becoming a cave diver opens up a whole new world of diving. Whether you want to get certified to explore gin-clear Mexican cenotes or dive the world's most impressive and demanding caves, you can.

6. Sidemount.

Exploring wrecks and caves is amazing, but trying to squeeze traditional dive equipment into those tight spaces is not fun. The SSI Extended Range Sidemount program is an essential course that takes the weight off your back, improves your streamlining, and frees you up to explore those constricted environments more easily. READ MORE: 10 DIVE TRAVEL ESSENTIALS FOR XR DIVERS. 

Is SSI XR diving for you?

If you have ever wanted to stay down a little longer, or go that little bit deeper or explore that bit farther then yes, the range of XR programs offered by SSI is just what you need.

Can I become an XR instructor?

Yes! With our range of Extended Range Instructor courses, you can achieve all of your XR diving goals. Whether you want to become a rebreather instructor, a technical wreck diving instructor, a full cave instructor, or an XR Instructor Trainer you can. CLICK HERE TO BECOME AN SSI EXTENDED RANGE INSTRUCTOR. With XR diving you can dive closer to the fish With XR diving you can go deeper