SSI & Mares Launch "Safer Than Home" Dive Equipment Campaign

The "Safer Than Home" dive equipment campaign aims to put your dive customers back in the water where they belong. Because, let’s face it, being underwater is one of the safest places in the world to be right now.

Protect yourself - use your own dive equipment.

Travel may still be widely restricted across the globe, but two giants in the dive industry will not let that get their divers down! The world’s largest business-based training agency, Scuba Schools International (SSI), is partnering with leading dive equipment manufacturer Mares to encourage diving and promote owning equipment as the safest way to enjoy diving. This "Safer than Home" promotion aims to encourage your customers to expand their personal dive equipment to include not only a set of mask, snorkel, and fins, but a personal regulator and wetsuit as well. Challenge them to be prepared for any dive adventure because buying now makes more sense than ever. Although most dive centers are following strict disinfecting guidelines, you cannot guarantee your customers 100% safety unless they use their own equipment. With a personal mask, snorkel, and regulator, they will never have to worry about who else’s mouth and nose have touched the gear before them. The same goes when wearing a wetsuit. Investing in a wetsuit will not only guarantee hygienic safety but will most likely fit and feel better than using a rental. MAXIMISE YOUR DIVE GEAR PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY - JOIN SSI'S EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES PROGRAM. The simple truth is that having your customers own their own equipment is safer than renting. Since there has never been a better time to own personal dive gear, SSI is offering a FREE Equipment Techniques Kit with a minimum Mares equipment purchase of $180 until January 31, 2021. This program will teach your customers how to maintain and store their Total Diving System, which ensures performance and increases the longevity of their equipment.

Diving may look a bit different, but don’t let that keep your divers at home.

Instead of going on their annual liveaboard trip, encourage your divers to take that extra money and invest it in owning their own Mares equipment. There has never been a better time to own your own dive equipment. Tell your customers to take advantage of the "Safer Than Home" promotion and get out to explore all the nearby dive sites they never knew existed.

Because being underwater is better than being at home!

NOTE* This promotion is limited to participating SSI and Mares Training Centers and runs from October 1st through January 31, 2021. READ MORE: SCUBA GEAR ESSENTIALS FOR DIVERS.