Rebreather Instructor

Rebreather diving is a sport for true adventurers and pioneers who know no limits. This thrilling sport is rapidly growing and needs you! Get started with the SSI SCR Instructor program and teach no-decompression diving up to 30 meters deep using the Horizon semi-closed rebreather (SCR). Extend your range! As an SSI SCR Extended Range Instructor, you can train divers to conduct decompression dives up to 40 meters deep using the Horizon SCR. Passionate about closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) diving? The SSI CCR Diving Instructor program is the first level of our CCR Instructor courses and certifies you to teach no-decompression diving to 30 meters using CCR. Challenge yourself and become a CCR XR Instructor to teach decompression diving to 40 meters. Is that no longer enough? Teach unlimited decompression diving to 60 meters as a CCR Technical Extended Range Instructor. Ready to take it all the way? Become a CCR Hypoxic Trimix Instructor and teach decompression diving up to 100 meters deep!

Extend your Skills