8 Reasons to Take a Try Mermaid Course This Summer

Mermaid legends have been prevalent in cultures worldwide throughout history. Today, mermaid culture is popular around the globe, from the big screen to your backyard pool, where young kids play out their mermaid fantasies. These days, mermaiding is not just for kids! Mermaid training has become an excellent aquatic activity for fitness, fun with friends, creative expression, and a new way to explore the underwater world. In the SSI Try Mermaid course, you will learn how to gracefully move through the water with a single stroke of your mermaid tail. Read on to find out more.

Here Are 8 Reasons to Sign up For a Try Mermaid Course Today!

1.Learn how to wear a mermaid tail.

Mermaid tails may seem simple enough to put on, but there are some tips and tricks to donning a mermaid tail that you will learn in a Try Mermaid course.

Many mermaid tails require you to fit your mermaid fin inside the mermaid tail before putting it on. Your Mermaid Instructor will show you how everything works together.

And since your feet will be bound together once you have your mermaid tail on, your Mermaid Instructor will ensure you know how to put it on easily and enter the water safely.

2. Experience the freedom that water provides.

Anyone who has spent time in the water knows how freeing the aquatic environment can feel. Floating weightlessly is both exhilarating and peaceful all at the same time.

Spending time in the water with a mermaid tail gives you the freedom to move around smoothly and swiftly and opens up a whole new way to explore the underwater world.

3. Boost your physical fitness.

A mermaid fin is essentially a monofin, where both feet are secured together as you swim. SSI’s Try Mermaid course will provide you with entry-level mermaid training, ensuring you know how to swim properly with your monofin.

Monofin swimming is an excellent form of exercise as you use nearly every leg and abdominal muscle to move the fin in an up-and-down motion through the water.

Mermaid swimming also helps to build up your cardiovascular fitness.


4. Learn how to blow mermaid kisses.

Being able to blow mermaid kisses is a fun and simple trick you will learn in the SSI Try Mermaid course.

With proper instruction and a little practice, you will be blowing mermaid kisses in no time!

Mermaid kisses are a fun way to show off during social gatherings and when others are in the water with you, like swimmers or divers.

5. Get a taste of what the mermaid lifestyle is all about.

Enrolling in the Try Mermaid course is your first step on a journey to become a true mermaid. The mermaid lifestyle is quickly growing in popularity worldwide and will forever change the way you experience aquatic environments.

You will learn how fun mermaid swimming is, meet like-minded people to enjoy mermaiding with, and challenge yourself above and below the water.

6. Make new friends.

Mermaiding can be a very social activity and joining a Try Mermaid course is a great way to meet other people who are as excited about mermaiding as you.

By taking this course, you will gain connections to a whole network of others who enjoy the mermaid lifestyle.

After your Try Mermaid course, you can continue to improve your mermaid skills with your new friends by taking the SSI Mermaid course.


7. Learn about mermaid activities.

The SSI Try Mermaid course will open your eyes to a whole world of mermaid events and activities you never knew existed.

As mermaiding grows in popularity, more and more mermaid gatherings are becoming available to those interested and well-connected within the mermaid industry.

You can join mermaid events, mermaid conventions, and mermaid-themed travel opportunities.

The Try Mermaid course is your doorway into this exciting new world.

8. Pure fun!

There is nothing more fun than playing in the water with your friends!

The SSI Try Mermaid course gives you the skills and freedom to interact with other mermaids and discover a newfound love of mermaiding.

You will find that no matter what your motivation is to sign up for an SSI Try Mermaidcourse, you will not be disappointed.

A Try Mermaid experience will open your eyes to the fascinating world of mermaiding, and you will likely want to continue perfecting your mermaid skills and stay involved in mermaiding.


SSI offers multiple ways for you to grow in your mermaid lifestyle:

  • Become an SSI Mermaid.

Signing up for the SSI Mermaid course will allow you to become a fully certified mermaid. This course builds on the skills your Mermaid Instructor taught you in the Try Mermaid course.

You will have the opportunity to practice and perfect mermaid swimming skills and techniques while becoming genuinely comfortable in the water.

  • Explore further as an SSI Ocean Mermaid.

Once you are comfortable swimming like a mermaid in the pool, expand your horizons and discover the freedom of mermaiding in open waters. Become an SSI Ocean Mermaid.

TheSSI Ocean Mermaid course gives you the training you need to confidently swim with your mermaid tail in the ocean.

You will also improve your breath-holding skills so you can explore what lies beneath the waves as well.

  • Learn how to be an SSI Model Mermaid.

Finally, complete your mermaid training by becoming an SSI Model Mermaid. This course will teach you how to interact with a photographer or videographer successfully as a mermaid.

You will learn mermaid model skills for both in-water and surface shots. Take your mermaiding to the next level with this exciting course.

There are so many amazing things to do as an SSI mermaid! Your first step is to sign up for an SSI Try Mermaid course so you can learn about the fun, diverse world of mermaids.