How to Become a Professional Mermaid

Are you ready for an exciting new career? Become a professional mermaid! This lifestyle choice is gaining popularity fast and involves far more than meets the eye. Learn how to create a successful career as a mermaid, start traveling the world and discover how to stand out from the mermaid crowd. We share our top tips and more in this ultimate guide about how to become a professional mermaid. Read on to find out more.
  1. Is it hard to become a mermaid?

No, it is easy to become a mermaid and it is great fun! Your first step is to join the SSI Mermaid program to learn how to use and get the most out of your mermaid equipment, so you will be confident in the water. The next step is to start your mermaid adventures in the ocean. With just two additional open water sessions, you can upgrade to become an SSI Ocean Mermaid and start exploring the wonders of the underwater world as a mermaid.
  1. How can I become a professional mermaid?

Learning how to become a professional mermaid is the beginning of a lifelong adventure and there are many ways you can start this exciting career: The SSI Basic Freediving Instructor, SSI Lifeguard Instructor and SSI Swim Teacher programs are a perfect match for professional mermaids and help you grow your career in new ways. By teaching more programs, you will create more income opportunities and become indispensable to training centers and clients.
  1. How old do you have to be?

Anyone aged 12 upwards can become an SSI Mermaid, Ocean Mermaid or Model Mermaid, meaning your family can join in whilst you complete your training. It is the perfect way to combine family fun with developing your new career. You can become an SSI Mermaid Instructor from 18 years old and an SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer from age 21 onwards. There is no upper age limit for professional mermaids and some mermaids are working in their seventies. READ MORE: 7 GREAT REASONS MERMAIDING IS NOT JUST FOR GIRLS!
  1. Is a professional mermaid a real career?

Absolutely yes! There are a variety of ways to work as a mermaid, either part-time or full-time, and mermaids worldwide treat this as their professional career.
  1. What do professional mermaids do?

You can choose from a variety of professional mermaid jobs or start a business to be your own mermaid boss. They each have different advantages, allowing you to choose how to become a professional mermaid in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. Top ways of becoming a professional mermaid include:
  • Acting and modeling for television, photography and art.
  • Performing at aquariums, hotels and resorts.
  • Hosting and appearing at children’s parties.
  • Teaching mermaids around the world.
  • Training mermaid instructors.
  • Becoming a brand ambassador/influencer.
  • Running your own mermaid business.
  • Competitive/athletic mermaiding.
  • Helping others learn to snorkel and try freediving.
  • Helping children conquer their fear of water and learn mermaid swimming.
  1. How can I find professional mermaid jobs?

Our global network of training centers and resorts provide worldwide career options for SSI Professionals, including mermaids. Check out MyDiveGuide today for job openings and mermaid training centers.

Top tips to become a successful professional mermaid or merman.

We do not want you to just become a mermaid – we want you to embrace your mermaid lifestyle and enjoy a rewarding career. We hope you will continue mermaiding for many years, inspire others and go on to share your knowledge. Here are our top tips to help you become a successful professional mermaid now.
  • Work on your fitness.

Mermaids and mermen come in all shapes and sizes, and they have at least one thing in common – their fitness. Keeping fit helps you manage the demands of being a professional mermaid, so you can enjoy your time in the water for many years to come. Make sure you develop your core strength, stretch your muscles and work on your aerobic fitness regularly. Not only will this protect you from injury, but it will also ensure you can keep up with your enthusiastic mermaid students young and old!
  • Improve your breath-hold and lung capacity.

Improving your breath-hold time and lung capacity are great ways to help you thrive as a professional mermaid. Having fit lungs and being able to hold your breath for longer will help you maximize your time underwater, keep your energy levels up at work and lower your stress levels. Learn how to improve your lung capacity with deep breathing exercises and work on your breath-hold with our range of SSI Freediving courses. READ MORE: 5 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR BREATH-HOLD
  • Invest in your mermaid equipment.

There is a mermaid tail/monofin for every budget and they are all made differently. Make sure you spend some time researching which tail is right for you and learn how to care for it. It is the best way to make sure your investment lasts long-term.
  • Stand out from the crowd.

As with any career, you need to stand out from the crowd to succeed. Get creative and decide on your mermaid name, personality and costume from the start. Need some inspiration? Start looking online for ideas and get inspired by other mermaids. Once you have done this, start accessorizing and practice your signature poses on land and in the water to help develop your character. These are all great ways to help you stand out from the mermaid crowd and land your dream job or clients.
  • Market yourself.

Marketing matters but it does not have to be complicated. Create a simple website, post on social media and order some business cards. Become a brand ambassador to reach more people and support other ocean-centric businesses. You can also teach others how to become a professional mermaid by starting a blog about your mermaid journey. READ MORE: WHICH MERMAID FINS ARE SUITABLE?
  • Learn about marine biology and conservation.

Kids and adults alike love learning about marine life and ways to help protect the oceans. Upskill by learning some marine biology and marine conservation facts, so you have more to offer your clients. You will be helping to save the oceans at the same time. Our range of SSI Environment Specialty programs are a great place to start and they can all be completed online. Whether you want to learn about sharks, rays, coral, fish identification or marine science, we have a course for you.
  • Enjoy yourself!

Being a professional mermaid is much more than a career. It is a vocation and a wonderful way to share your passion and make new friends. Joining a mermaid pod brings many new friendships and helps you learn from each other. When you take your SSI Mermaid Training course, you will find that many mermaid pods meet up regularly all over the world!