Wreck Diving Instructor

SSI wreck diving instructor courses are the best way to see the ocean from a different, deeper perspective and help your students develop their wreck diving skills. These professional training programs will equip you to teach wreck diving with confidence - beyond the decompression limit, in overhead environments, and with different equipment configurations. Whether you want to explore the inner history of the world’s best wrecks, push your boundaries, or get more from your scuba instructor career, SSI’s wreck diving instructor certifications are for you! With the SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor course, you’ll be able to certify new, Advanced and Extended Range wreck divers. Take your training one step further with the SSI Technical Wreck Diving Instructor course and discover unlimited decompression wreck penetration diving up to 60 meters. You’ll be provided with all you need to certify the SSI Technical Wreck Diving course with confidence and skill. Start your wreck diving instructor adventures today!

Extend your Skills