Become a CCR Extended Range Trimix Instructor with SSI

The SSI CCR Extended Range Trimix Instructor course provides all you need to organize and conduct the CCR Extended Range Trimix course. Upon completion, you will be certified to train divers to conduct decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters using a closed-circuit rebreather.

This trimix dive course is developed and intended for the use of trimix as the breathing gas to reduce inert gas narcosis and increase diver safety. However, a CCR Extended Range “air” Instructor certification option is also available for those areas where helium is inaccessible.

When you complete this technical diving certification you will earn either the SSI CCR Extended Range Trimix Instructor or the SSI CCR Extended Range Instructor certification.

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Facts and Training Standards

Amount of Academic Sessions



Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions



Amount of Open Water Sessions



Maximum Training Depth


45 m / 150 ft

Suggested duration (h)





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