Guardians of the Reef

Blacktip reef sharks are one of the most commonly sighted sharks cruising around reefs, as they are extremely abundant in this habitat. They can be found in shallow, inshore waters throughout the tropical regions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and are easily identified by the dark black tips of their dorsal and caudal fins. Blacktips are not very migratory and prefer a smaller home range where they prey on crustaceans, smaller bony fish, and even sea snakes.

Although they are not as easy to approach as their whitetip cousins, they are an exciting and frequently sighted species while diving and snorkeling over warm coral reefs. With their distinct black tips and sleek body line they make for spectacular photo subjects. These animals move so elegantly they seem to be guarding it like watchmen on duty. Although they are one of the most common sharks to see while diving in the Indo-Pacific region, the species has seen significant decline in recent years due to overfishing. To explore the best dive sites where you can dive with blacktip reef sharks check out the dive site map below.