The tiny European bullhead is a small freshwater fish, growing up to 10 cm long

The European bullhead is a relatively small fish with a distinctly large head that accounts for approximately 25% of its total body length. This freshwater fish’s only scales occur along its lateral line and has large, wing-like pectoral fins. The European bullhead is distinguishable by its tapered body shape, mottled brownish color, largemouth, and prominent eyes that sit on the top of its head. This abundant fish rarely grows larger than 10 cm long.

The tiny European bullhead is commonly found throughout England and Whales’ cold, freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers. It is less common in the rest of Europe. Divers looking to find the European bullhead will often see it around dusk in relatively shallow water, under stones, and on sandy or gravel substrate. This small fish can also inhabit brackish water and has been seen in the coastal waters of the Baltic Sea. Explore the map below to find where you can dive with European bullheads.